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Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Create Email Campaigns (Mailchimp) with crossed Audience Segments

I bet you know Mailchimp, one of the most used Email Marketing tools out there. One of the cool things about Mailchimp is the fact that based on the larger  of your contacts database, it varies the amount that you will be charged to pay, in fact if it is quite little what you can use it for free and enjoy lots of the options of working with it that does offer.

Google Adwords computer with coffee mug

How to edit Google Ads ads without “losing” your Ads Performance

When you want to edit/optimize a Google Ads ad you do not want to commit the mistake of editing it from the “pencil” option of edition, because if you do so that way you are going to lose all the data/information/numbers of the performance that your ad has been making (Clicks, Impressions, average CPC, average CPA, etc).

On this blog post I am going to show you how easy (and surely) it is to edit your ads without having to mess/lose your data/information of how them are performing.