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How to install Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

We are getting started! We have just created our Google Analytics account, you have your Tracking ID (the one that goes UA-XXXXXX) but you do not want to mess with code of your website or maybe with your IT Department. Don’t you worry! Google (and this blog) got you covered.

I recommend you to create and install Google Tag Manager on your website (here you can learn how to set GTM with just a few easy steps). With Tag Manager on your Site and installing Google Analytics through it, you will be set for an uncountable amount of code changes on your website without even having to mess with the rest of the Site, as well as many more options like tracking correctly conversions, and implementing many other tools.

Get started with Google Analytics 1

Get started with Google Analytics

Creating a Google Analytics account is one of the first steps to track correctly the analytical data of your website. In this blog post I am going to show you step by step how to make an account on Google Analytics, easy and quick, and all the information you need to fill in in order to get an account set and so to install this tool into your website.

How to create a Google Analytics account?

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Social Hub para dar a conocer tus redes sociales

Para cualquier marca o empresa las redes sociales son la ventana gráfica con la que se dan a conocer, y para muchos sectores son la pieza clave de su plan de comunicación y marketing digital para conseguir el máximo de impactos en su audiencia objetiva. Ante estas herramientas es muy importante mantener una constancia en la creación y publicación de contenido en todos los canales sociales en los que se decida transmitir la comunicación de la marca. …

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Gana 360º: apuesta por el Inbound Marketing y actualiza tu estrategia digital

El mundo del marketing digital está en constante evolución. Todos buscamos lo mismo: atraer a nuestros target-clients para que consuman nuestros productos y/o servicios. Pero, ¿cuáles son las mejores técnicas para poder llegar a ese público cualificado?