Campaigns of Youtube Ads with Google Ads

How to create Youtube Ads Campaigns with Google Ads

I bet you cannot watch more than 2 (maybe 3, if you are lucky) without a Video Ad popping up on whatever Youtube video you are watching. Ever wondered how why some video ads can be skipped, and what types of Youtube Ads there are? Well, you just got to the place to know it all about!

Why investing on Youtube Adwords/commercials?

If you have a Youtube channel I would highly suggest doing Youtube Ads, not just because you will “win” some impressions and  longer/full views of your videos, but because you can redirect traffic to your website with better results than using Search-Google-Ads on the Display/Youtube Network.

When you create a Youtube Ads campaign you will be shown with a lot of options to choose for the way your ads are going to appear: what are the interests of the users, what keywords may have used the videos where the ads will appear, can I create a sequence/”story” for the users with multiple videos?



The types of Youtube Ads Campaigns that you can create with Google Ads

First of all, go to your Google Ads account and select the tab of “Campaigns”, there go to the “+” (plus) sign and choose “New Campaign”.

Youtube adwords


Once there you will see all the goals that the Google Ads campaigns can be created for, in this case, I am happy to tell you that the Video/Youtube Ads Campaign type can be used for all the types of goals of your Google Adwords campaign (except for App promotion -but, as I explained in my article “How to create Google Ads campaigns for Apps (Android and iOS)“, you can add a Youtube video as a part of the campaign to promote them).


The goal may depend on what your purpose for this specific videos/campaign is.

Maybe you want to drive sales online, in app, by phone or in store, then choose “Sales” as the goal; to get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action, “Leads“; get the right people to visit your website through “Website traffic“; build product and brand consideration so people are willing to explore your products and/or services with “Product and brand consideration“; reach a broad audience and build awareness with “Brand awareness and reach“.

With Youtube Ads you will be able to ‘get out’ to reach and engage viewers/prospect targets on Youtube and across the Internet for your brand/business.


Youtube Ads cannot be set up without Google Analytics / Google Ads Goals

*Disclaimer: all this campaigns are driven to receive/engage in more conversions for your business. This is why when choosing the types of campaigns: “Sales”, “Leads”, “Website traffic” and “Product and brand consideration”, Youtube Adwords campaigns do pop up the message that for a better performance, you better set up conversions/goals to track before continuing creating your campaign.

If you have not set up any kind of conversion tracking, you will not be able to go ahead setting up your Youtube Adwords campaign (whether they are native from your Google Analytics account or Google Ads).

Youtube Ads need a track of goals and conversions



Set up Google Ads Youtube Campaigns

Good for you, the set up of the campaigns based on the goal of “Sales“, “Leads” and “Website Traffic” is basically the same one.

The fields you need to fill up in order to set up/create this kind of campaigns are:

  • Campaign name: Make it really clear what is it about, specially if you may need to promote a couple of videos. This way it would be easier to keep track of the data of each campaign.
  • Budget: You can set it up “daily” or as the “campaign total”. Also, the “delivery method” of this budget can be “standard” or “accelerated”. This is kinda like the Google Shopping campaigns. It all depends on whether you need results asap or if you have a plan/goal for a more “kinda” long-term.
  • Start and end dates: You can set the campaign to start as soon as the ads are approved or with a selected date; end date can be not specified or with a specific date.
  • Bidding strategy: These can be set up to optimize your conversions/actions/goals results.
  • Networks: Whether you want the ads to be shown on  the Youtube Search results, just on Youtube videos when playing, or add Video partners on the Display Network.
  • Languages: The ones the customers speak.
  • Locations: Geographical locations to target, you can add up or exclude. This can be understood as the ones  the people are when watching the videos or whether they have showed previous interest about.
  • Content exclusions: This is pretty important to set up because you may not want to have your Youtube Commercials be mixed up with non-ideal content that does not match/fit your brand values, types and labels.
  • Devices: Computers, Mobile, Tablets and TV screens.
  • Frequency capping: You can choose the frequency your ads will be shown to the same user.
  • Ad schedule: As in any other Google Ads campaign, you can choose the times and week-days that your ads will show.
  • Demographics + Audiences: This is the most important point of all the configuration. Here you define who you want to reach, you target your “viewers” as for: age, gender, parental status, household income, as well as the different types of audiences you can always choose/create from on Google Ads based on:
    Detailed demographics.
    – What their interests and habits are.
    What they’re actively researching or planning.
    – How they’ve interacted with your business (your own remarketing or similar audiences).
  • Content: Where you want your ads to show based on:
    Keywords: never forget that videos have also SEO, so the keywords they have optimized for them can be a setting point to your strategy.- Topics: Pick up what type of content your ads viewers may be specific subjects to.- Placements: Select your placement targeting: where you want your videos to be shown?
    These can be Youtube channels, Youtube videos, Websites, specific Apps or App categories.
  • Create your video ad: Finally, the most awaited moment, the option that lets you search for a video or paste the URL of the one that you want to use as your Youtube Ad, the one you want to promote.

set up Youtube Ads campaign

Youtube Ads

Then, you will be shown a box with all this variables that you need to define in order to get the best of your Youtube Ad campaign:

  • Final URL: The URL of the website linked to your ads. You make them to receive conversions, so you better drive the users to the right place after seeing the ad.
  • Display URL: As in any other Google Ads ad, the final URL and the one on display are different.
  • Call-to-action: You need to embrace users to click on to your ad and then go to convert to your website.
  • Headline: You have 15 characters to present your campaign/video, so be careful what you drive users to.
  • MobileDesktop: You can see the preview of how the campaign is going to appear. As well as uploading or choose for an auto-generate banner (for computers only visuals).
  • Ad name: Remember you are creating a campaign, and as every campaign you have created a group ads, so here you need to write down the “Ad name” of the one you have just created.

preview of youtube google ads


Click “SAVE AND CONTINUE“, and you have your Youtube Ads campaign for “Sales” or “Leads” or “Website traffic” set up. BUT, if you are in need of a campaign for “Brand awareness and reach” or “Product and brand consideration“, these are the steps you need to follow.


Set up Google Ads Youtube Campaigns for “Product and Brand consideration”

This is probably one of the easiest campaigns to set up when you want to get more in-depth into Google Ads Youtube, but without having to getting too much in your head with really “heavy” variables.

Why would you want to create this kind of Youtube Commercials campaign? Well, if you are pretty focused on conversions, create this “Product and brand consideration“, so you will drive your users directly to create actions towards your brand/product.

The three types of campaign types that you can create with this goal are:

  • Influence consideration: Creating skippable in-stream ads or video discovery ads, so you can create influence consideration of your products (directly to “inspire” an awareness to sell them).*The configuration screen/options is the same one of the other campaigns we have already checked out. *The videos need to be selected through its name or URL. 
  • Ad sequence: Create Youtube Ads with a sequence of different videos that do explain a story, so users will get the pieces with kind of an order so the message can reach better and more efficiently.
    This subtype of Youtube Ads Campaign can use: skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads or a mix of them.*The configuration screen/options is the same one of the other campaigns we have already checked out, the only changing-point is the fact that you need to select what kind of video-ad-type you wish to choose, as well as the “steps” of the sequence/s you will be creating for the campaign.
    *The videos need to be selected through its name or URL.

  • Shopping: Beware, you can ONLY select this type of campaign if you have a Merchant Center account that can be linked to your Youtube Account (if you got one but you have not linked them, hurry up!) 🙂
    This kind of Youtube Ads Campaign works wonders to drive users to convert directly; when working with CPM you will assure a % of sales through your budget.

Youtube Ads campaigns


Set up Youtube Ads Campaigns for “Brand awareness and reach”

With this goal you can create really well planned Youtube Ads Campaigns with Google Ads. From the moment you select the subtype of Youtube Adwords campaign, you are going to be selecting the type of Ad format you are going to be working with, so the set-up of the different parameters gets easier.


I am going to explain each of this types of campaigns quite briefly, but keep in mind that the menu-screen with the parameters you need to full-fill in order to launch your Youtube Ad campaign is the same one as we have gone through at the beginning of this blog post, and as for the “Ad Sequence” subtype of campaign, is the same configuration as the campaign with the same name/title in the category/goal “Product and Brand Consideration”.


  • Skippable in-stream: To get lots of impressions and reach your prospect-target with easy to set in-stream ads, that users can skip at 5 seconds.
  • Bumper: Lots of impressions from your target, without being able to add text, images for previos or other variable of video ad formats in this case.
  • Non-skippable in-stream: For this type of campaign IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, YOU NEED TO HAVE A VIDEO OF 15 SECONDS OR LESS, if not you will not be able to create this kind of campaign.
    These are not-skippable, and are the kind that for a brief time became kinda “popular” as the “presentation letter” of some pretty high-listed Youtube influencers. This kind of campaigns are pretty cool to keep a direct message to a really segmented target (such as, to publicize a new tool, an event happening kinda early, or a series/movie trailer).
  • Outstream: You will be able to reach people on their phones and tables with a strategy based on the use of vCPM bidding with outstream ads.
    What does it mean?  Well, you are going to optimize your results by creating campaigns optimized to be shown on tablets and mobiles, so user can interact easily with them.Also, the vCPM parameter does mean that you will only be charged over the viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (only when someone plays your video “willingly” or watching it from two seconds or longer).
  • Ad sequence: (previously explained when talking about the “Product and brand consideration” subtype of campaign).
    You are able to explain a story showing ads in a particular order, creating kind of a sequence to each user, who will receive this video-“pieces” in different order than the others.
    This kind of videos can be: skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads or a mix of them.
    *This is the only subtype of Youtube campaign under the goal of “Brand awareness and reach” where you can choose the type of video.

types of Youtube SEM campaigns


So, do you still think that Youtube Ads are quite difficult to create? Don’t think so! Just be really clear with what are the pieces of content that you can work with, define who you want to reach to, define your goal and just let the campaigns for Youtube Commercials work wonders for your brand/business. The results will not leave you unsatisfied. 😉