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How to edit Google Ads ads without “losing” your Ads Performance

When you want to edit/optimize a Google Ads ad you do not want to commit the mistake of editing it from the “pencil” option of edition, because if you do so that way you are going to lose all the data/information/numbers of the performance that your ad has been making (Clicks, Impressions, average CPC, average CPA, etc).

On this blog post I am going to show you how easy (and surely) it is to edit your ads without having to mess/lose your data/information of how them are performing.

How to optimize your Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads are one of the most used PPC marketing strategy (SEM on Google) to get to know your project (whether it is a website, a promo, a Youtube Video, an App, etc).

In order to obtain the best results on your Google Ads campaigns you need to check daily the performance of each ad of all the ads groups you might have working within your campaigns. The daily work is based on analyzing the results of each keeping in mind that you cannot have a full look-over of them if you do not cross the data of: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Cost, Average CPC; based on these elementary numbers/data to check/analyze (almost daily), I recommend you to add the information of the Conversions, Cost per Conversion, Conversion Value per Click.

Also, to go in more depth, I would like to advise you that if you go to the “Ads & Extensions” tab, the data of the Quality of the ad, Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance and the Expected CTR, some of the hidden columns of the Quality Score of the Keywords tab that would analyze in depth on another blog post. 😉


How to edit Google Ads ads

When you are analyzing your ads performance, some new implementations will surface in order to get the best results of them. That is why you want to edit the ads (or make new ones) but do not want to lose the data/information of how they have been performing through time.

If you do not want to lose the historic data, follow this easy steps.

First of all, go to your ads and then click/check onto the little white square at the left of the ad that you do want to edit.

google ads ad overview edit


Then, it will show up a blue bar with the option of “Edit”, click on it and then choose “Change ads” on the drop-down menu.

google ads change ad


It will open up another drop-down menu where you need to click/choose onto the Ad type that you want to edit.

how to edit Google ads ad


It will open up a new interstitial window where you will be able to choose, not only what ad type it is but also what do you want to edit on your Google Ads group ads:

  • Edit“: will let you change the “Final URL”, the “Display path” of the URL that shows on the ad, Add Remove or Pin “Headlines” or “Descriptions”.
    types of edits on google ads
  •  “Find and replace” (which, in my opinion, is the most useful of the four edits that you can do on Google Ads to bettering your results and performance), will let you change and/or replace:
    – In Headlines.
    – In Description.
    – In Headlines and Descriptions.
    – In final URL.
    – In path 1.
    – In path 2.
    And gives you the best option of them all, “Keep original ads and create duplicate ads with new text”, which is so useful if you want to experiment and check how your new ad will perform and then comparing results with the previous one (but working with a preview work-base).

Edit Google Ads search and edit

  • Add to text“: which also allow you to keep the original ads and create the new ones as duplicate ads.
    edit google ads text
  • Change case“: because sometimes having some all-caps will not allow our ads to keep going in order to make active our campaigns, so this edit option let us change cases in:
    – “In headlines”.
    – “In descriptions”.
    – “In headlines and descriptions”.
    – “In final URL”.
    – “In path 1”.
    – “In path 2”.
    As to see the sentence with “Title case”, “Sentence case”, or everything with “Lower cases”.
    With this option, you can also select keeping the original ads and then creating the new ones as duplicates.

edit google ads search text ads


And so as easy as this is how you edit Google Ads and are able to edit/change them, without using the “pencil” tools and not losing your historical information/data of the performance of your ads on Google Adwords. 🙂