Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Create Email Campaigns (Mailchimp) with crossed Audience Segments

I bet you know Mailchimp, one of the most used Email Marketing tools out there. One of the cool things about Mailchimp is the fact that based on the larger  of your contacts database, it varies the amount that you will be charged to pay, in fact if it is quite little what you can use it for free and enjoy lots of the options of working with it that does offer.

We all wanna work with retargeting campaigns for Paid Marketing/User Acquisition strategies, but we can also do it with our Email Campaigns with Mailchimp. So, we can (kinda) make automated campaigns with our audience working with “crossed audience segments”, based on the previous activity that they have done and so how Mailchimp has ‘tagged’ them under some pre-defined conditions. .

In this blog post I am going to show how you can easily create email marketing campaigns based onCampaign Activity“, the interaction that your audience/clients did with the previous emails and campaigns that you have send.


How to re-impact your audience with Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. You have to send your audience a previous email campaign.
  2. Mailchimp does sort them onto categories, based on how they interacted with it:
    · Did they open the email?
    · Did they interact with the email once they opened it?
    · Did they receive the email but not opened it?
    · Did the email bounced (for a server error, maybe the inbox was full, the email address was wrong, etc)?
  3. Once you have already send an email campaign and Mailchimp has categorized each email address you can create a new campaign to re-target your audience based on the “Campaign Activity”.
  4. Start creating a new email campaign.
  5. At the “To” field choose how your segment of user/email addresses/contacts have already interacted with your previous campaigns/emails as well as with which of them.Mailchimp email campaign
    Mailchimp audience list
  6. And so, you just need to end up filling up the rest of the fields as you normally do for your Email Campaigns on Mailchimp and you are all set to retarget your audience. 🙂