Email Marketing

Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Create Email Campaigns (Mailchimp) with crossed Audience Segments

I bet you know Mailchimp, one of the most used Email Marketing tools out there. One of the cool things about Mailchimp is the fact that based on the larger  of your contacts database, it varies the amount that you will be charged to pay, in fact if it is quite little what you can use it for free and enjoy lots of the options of working with it that does offer.

build your pop up

How to create a Pop Up Form with Mailchimp with 5 Easy Steps

I bet you have seen a pop up form that do come up when you are about to exit/close a window/tab of your browser and maybe you have wondered  how they made them.

Is this some sort of Marketing Automation strategy or Email Marketing? To create this, do they imply lots of designing hours? Do I need advanced html/JS code in order to implement them? How do they track when the user is about to leave? Just stay tuned and discover HOW EASY IT IS!

google seo

Gana 360º: apuesta por el Inbound Marketing y actualiza tu estrategia digital

El mundo del marketing digital está en constante evolución. Todos buscamos lo mismo: atraer a nuestros target-clients para que consuman nuestros productos y/o servicios. Pero, ¿cuáles son las mejores técnicas para poder llegar a ese público cualificado?