Google Ads campaigns with apps

Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns with App Extensions

If you are familiar with Google Ads Campaigns you may have heard about the “Extensions” that you can add to your text ads. On this blog post I want to talk to you about the easy principles of how to use app extensions on your Google Ads text ads and teach you to implement them easily.

This type of ads extensions work wonders specially if you are working with brand names on your campaign. This way, you may direct the target users to install your app (when seeing your ad on their Mobile or Tablet), so you can increase the conversion downloads of it.


Basics to create App Extensions on your Google Ads Campaigns

First of all, keep in mind that you can only use this kind of extension on text ads on Google Ads, and you can implement them whether on your whole account, on a campaign, or just for an specific group ads.

To set it up you need to check the ID or name of the app on the Google Play Store or/and at the Apple App Store, then make sure that the URL of the card of the app inside the store is correctly filled. You need to direct users to this kind of page so they can learn more about your “product”/app, as well as being able to click to install the app.

Once you have checked each and every one of this points, you can start creating the app extensions on Google Ads. Always remember, as much extensions, the better: the bigger your ad appears, better CTR results you will achieve.



How to implement App Extensions to your Google Ads Campaigns

This is so easy, to implement and so powerful for your Google text ads campaigns.

*This kind of Google Ads extension may perform better on your campaigns or group ads when bidding for “pure” branding and own-brand recognition keywords, in order to make sure that you are targeting the right prospect-users, as well as not going to lose some sort of CTR and/or conversions when redirecting users to download the app instead of going to any other URL of your own website.


First of all, go to your Google Ads main page, click onto “Campaigns” or on “Ads Group”. Then, select “Ads & extensions” and go to the “Extensions” tab to create a new one.

google ads ads and extensions

google ads extensions


Once you click onto “App extension” a whole new menu will pop-up to select:

    • Add app extension to: Choose between “Account”, “Campaign” or “Ad group”.


    • Select your mobile app’s platform: You can choose the app platform store’s downloads that you want to emphasize with the campaign/group ad/ads you are applying this extension to.
      If your app is at both stores, I do recommend you implement it at both and after a few days (a week, maybe up to 10 days) of seeing results/data, you can optimize onto which ads your extension is going to show up.


    • Look up your app: It can be searched by the app name, publisher, package name or ID.


    • Link text: Viewed as the anchor text for the link that this extension is going to be.


    • Device preference: Google Ads only lets you choose to exclude tablets. I would like to recommend you that, if your app does also work on Tablet, do not exclude this device, just make percentage bidding adjusts as for the devices that this one (and the ads it is going to be linked/appear to) will be shown at.


    • Extension scheduling: Select when the extension will be eligible to be shown. But if you have already scheduled your ads/campaigns, there is no need to schedule when the app extension may be shown at. At the end of the day, app downloads are always welcomed! 😉


google ads app extension


And, done! Your Google Ads text ads will start redirecting downloads/traffic to your app card (on the chosen store) that would convert onto more app downloads! 🙂