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How to install Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

We are getting started! We have just created our Google Analytics account, you have your Tracking ID (the one that goes UA-XXXXXX) but you do not want to mess with code of your website or maybe with your IT Department. Don’t you worry! Google (and this blog) got you covered.

I recommend you to create and install Google Tag Manager on your website (here you can learn how to set GTM with just a few easy steps). With Tag Manager on your Site and installing Google Analytics through it, you will be set for an uncountable amount of code changes on your website without even having to mess with the rest of the Site, as well as many more options like tracking correctly conversions, and implementing many other tools.

Rank Math SEO plugin Wordpress

Rank Math (part 2): 5 Easy Steps to set up Rank Math for WordPress

A few days ago I explained to you the wonders that Rank Math SEO can do for your WordPress Site, on a blog-post named “Rank Math (part 1): Why you need this all-in-one SEO Plugin for WordPress“. If you are kinda convinced about transitioning to work with it, on this post I am going to show you the 5 easy steps that you need to follow in order to install it and start working.

Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math (part 1): Why you need this all-in-one SEO Plugin for WordPress

Many of us wonder what might be the best SEO plugin when we encounter ourselves building/setting up a WordPress Site. It is quite hard to choose one that will fulfill most of our needs but also does not take up much space on our Site or/and will make it go slower. Even though the best decision for our SEO is not having to use any sort of plugin and just implementing it all on code, sometimes a helping hand will leave us with an amazing experience and making easier the day-to-day website management.

By the end of 2018 Rank Math was released, and with a few work-versions later it has been considered one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, surpassing the Premium version of Yoast SEO valuations and being one of the firsts options for SEOs worldwide.

In this blog post I am going to show you what are the advantages of this pluggin, while learning how to set it up. So, let’s dive into it! ­čśë

Google Ads campaigns with apps

Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns with App Extensions

If you are familiar with Google Ads Campaigns you may have heard about the “Extensions” that you can add to your text ads. On this blog post I want to talk to you about the┬áeasy principles of how to use app extensions on your Google Ads text ads and teach you to implement them easily.

This type of ads extensions work wonders specially if you are working with brand names on your campaign. This way, you may direct the target users to install your app (when seeing your ad on their Mobile or Tablet), so you can increase the conversion downloads of it.

SEM for Apps with Google Ads

How to create Google Ads campaigns for Apps (Android and iOS)

When you launch an App one of the best ways to promote it is by making a SEM campaign through Google Ads, this way people will be able to see ads about it in order to download it.

Wanna learn how to create a SEM campaign for your Android and/or iOS App, on Google Ads? In this post you are going to learn the step by step you need to take in order to create a campaign of SEM for Apps.

google tag manager and its use with data layer

Create a Google Tag Manager account

You may have heard of Google Tag Manager (GTM) but maybe you have not yet ventured yourself into this Google tool. First of all, let me tell you about all the great benefits you will get from it. With GTM you will have the “power” to add and change many codes into your website without having to bother your IT Department, or having to scroll all through Internet trying to find the right and easiest way to install something on your CMS.

Well, let me show you how easy it is to create a Google Tag Manager account and how you can install it on your website.

Get started with Google Analytics 1

Get started with Google Analytics

Creating a Google Analytics account is one of the first steps to track correctly the analytical data of your website. In this blog post I am going to show you step by step how to make an account on Google Analytics, easy and quick, and all the information you need to fill in in order to get an account set and so to install this tool into your website.

How to create a Google Analytics account?