Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math (part 1): Why you need this all-in-one SEO Plugin for WordPress

Many of us wonder what might be the best SEO plugin when we encounter ourselves building/setting up a WordPress Site. It is quite hard to choose one that will fulfill most of our needs but also does not take up much space on our Site or/and will make it go slower. Even though the best decision for our SEO is not having to use any sort of plugin and just implementing it all on code, sometimes a helping hand will leave us with an amazing experience and making easier the day-to-day website management.

By the end of 2018 Rank Math was released, and with a few work-versions later it has been considered one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, surpassing the Premium version of Yoast SEO valuations and being one of the firsts options for SEOs worldwide.

In this blog post I am going to show you what are the advantages of this pluggin, while learning how to set it up. So, let’s dive into it! 😉


Rank Math: which are its benefits and how does it contribute to your Site

First of all… It is free! And that on itself is a high-value benefit for when you are debating whether you better work with Yoast SEO or with RankMath.

One of the (most) amazing features that this plugin has is the fact that, maybe, you are already working with other WordPress plugins to mark redirections (301, 302, 307,…), and/or until now you have been working with Yoast SEO and you have it all set up (canonicals, meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, etc).

Well, if what is holding you back to get out and try this plugin is the fact that you may need to set it all up again (redirections, canonicals, metadata,…), DO NOT WORRY! You will see magic happens when you install RankMath because it does gather all the information and parameters you have set up with your “previous” plugins, take it in and then deactivate all those other plugins that do “duplicate” the options/work and settings that this one does provide.

*Cool point: it even lets you download a file with your redirections, so you can implement them directly onto your .htaccess file, so you do not need to put so much “weight” into your WP plugin.

Before getting too in depth on which are the steps of how to install and up set RankMath, I am going to show you the “advanced” options that you are able to work with and enjoy when you opt to install this plugin on your WordPress Site.

Rank Math setting options


    • 404 Monitor: This setting will alert you when whether a user or a search engine does come up to a 404 page on your Site and advice you to redirect it or you can choose to send it through Google Search Console to de-index it.


    • AMP: RankMath does let you work with Accelerated Mobile Pages, one of the Google parameters that would make wonders to the your Site on the SERPS.


    • bbPress: Is an “extension” that helps you install the proper Meta tags to your forum posts, profiles, categories, etc. This way you can have more control (and optimize better) to what the search engines are choosing to see and how do they see it.


    • Link Counter: When you create a post RankMath will show you a visual counter of the total number of links: internal, external and from inside one post to another.


    • Local SEO & Google Knowledge Graph: With this module/feature you can work with better options to optimize the Local SEO metrics, which will let you reach the most optimized positions for your website and blog posts.


    • Redirections: The module that I talked about before, once it will take all your previous redirects you may have managed through other plugins and will collect all that information and implement those on it own.
      With this feature you can mark different types of redirects:
      301, permanently moved.
      302, temporary redirect.
      307, moved temporarily.
      410, content deleted.
      451, for legal reasons, this content is not available in your country.
      Also you can export all these redirections and implement them to your .htaccess .


    • Rich Snippets: With the help of this module you will be able to add the metadata needed to your website in order to show up results with Rich Snippets on the SERPS in a pretty intuitive way to build them up for specific types of content:
      – Article.
      – Book.
      – Course.
      – Event.
      – Job position.
      – Music.
      – Product.
      – Receipt.
      – Restaurant.
      – Video.
      – Person.
      – Opinion.
      – Service.
      – IT App.

Due to the increase interest of Google to make you have a curated Rich Snippet over the content of your website (whether it is an ecommerce, a blogsite, a website to search for a job, etc), having to work with RankMath does help you with this implementation, specially if you are not that familiar with code and schema implementation.
This way your web would show up with a result with more information and options, (rich search results) which tends to mean acquiring bigger numbers of CTR (which equals to more traffic).

    • Role Manager: Let you control different level of access to your site admins.


    • Search Console: Connect Rank Math with the Google Search Console and you will be provided with great data about your results on your own WP interface.


    • SEO Analysis: With far more signals than the Yoast SEO analytical metrics, this feature uses more than +70 ways to test your content to guide you on how to make it more SEO friendly.


    • Sitemap: Pretty much self-explanatory, if you enable this module it will create sitemaps to help your website’s content to index better and quicker.



Should I work with RankMath?

In my humble opinion, YES! ABSOLUTELY! For the time being, RankMath does work wonders when optimizing your Site for SEO comes to. Also, it makes it easier the process of going from one plugin to another, up to the fact that it is so easy to connect your previous work done that it kinda feels easier to work with. Also, the implementation with Google Search Console looks like more useful than the ones that other plugins may offer, as well as the way that it does monitor your 404.

Also, I would strongly recommend RankMath over the fact that it has an easy pannel about all the “Meta Robots” directs for Google that you can edit to each and every piece of content you create/pubblish (whether it is a page or an entry).
So, are you convinced yet? Well, you better get a look about how you easy it is to install it! 🙂