Google Adwords computer with coffee mug

How to edit Google Ads ads without “losing” your Ads Performance

When you want to edit/optimize a Google Ads ad you do not want to commit the mistake of editing it from the “pencil” option of edition, because if you do so that way you are going to lose all the data/information/numbers of the performance that your ad has been making (Clicks, Impressions, average CPC, average CPA, etc).

On this blog post I am going to show you how easy (and surely) it is to edit your ads without having to mess/lose your data/information of how them are performing.

Google Ads campaigns with apps

Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns with App Extensions

If you are familiar with Google Ads Campaigns you may have heard about the “Extensions” that you can add to your text ads. On this blog post I want to talk to you about the easy principles of how to use app extensions on your Google Ads text ads and teach you to implement them easily.

This type of ads extensions work wonders specially if you are working with brand names on your campaign. This way, you may direct the target users to install your app (when seeing your ad on their Mobile or Tablet), so you can increase the conversion downloads of it.

SEM for Apps with Google Ads

How to create Google Ads campaigns for Apps (Android and iOS)

When you launch an App one of the best ways to promote it is by making a SEM campaign through Google Ads, this way people will be able to see ads about it in order to download it.

Wanna learn how to create a SEM campaign for your Android and/or iOS App, on Google Ads? In this post you are going to learn the step by step you need to take in order to create a campaign of SEM for Apps.