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Content creation: Website ft. Social Media

Does your website have a blog? Is your content reaching out its full potential? Are your prospect buyers/users seeing those articles that you are creating?

First of all, get to know your audience. The best way to know who you are already reaching out to is through the analytics of your website and your social media.

Here is where the topic gets really interesting, because you might discover that your social media content reach audience is really differing from your website one.

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You really need to get to know your audience and the user that goes to your website, buy product or contract your service, and who will be more prone to be loyal to your brand.

You need to go to Google Analytics and see if the demographics from your website do match the target that whatever you are offering or selling is to. Then, if you see that it does match your prospect target you already have a lot earned.

On a second level you need to check over that Analytics data when does your audience check your website, therefore you can grant extra information about when is your target really using their devices (computers, mobiles and tablets) and is online.



It is really easy. Once you have checked your website’s audience you need to go to your social media and check if the demographics analytics of those do match those. Age range, gender, locations, times when they are online and interact with your posts, and so on.

If it matches you already have a lot won in terms of practicality for your content plan. If not, you need to start posting and promoting website content through your social media channels at around the time your users are online (which you have learned from your website’s Analytics demographics data).

Instagram Analytics content


Re-focus your Social Media target audience by re-thinking the time when you are posting something and how it can relate to your aim: selling a product/service.

Match your website content with the one you are sharing on Social Media and try to be as relatable as possible when offering extra posts, as well as promotions, sales and seasonalities. This way you will reach your audience at the exact moment they are online, and if your Social Media content is a reliable image of your website, it will grow their loyalty towards you.