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Chloé Kian: the steps of a Conscious Living

Chloé Kian chose her media to share her healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to get in the path of Minimalism, Veganism, Ethical Fashion and sustainable living, all while living with a very active and cherish mindset.
After almost 5 years of traveling between Switzerland (her hometown) and Berlin (where she studied videography and cinema), she is ready to settle down and start taking her career to a whole new level through her values and principles.

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Maja Milocanovich: Art and Fashion with a Purpose

Maja Milocanovich is from Croatia, an island that supplies her with a daily doses of inspiration for her art. But she not only loves her paintings and writings, she has a great sense for fashion.
Running her social media outlets helps her with some new collaborations and sales, but it is not her main objective. Even though it is unusual for someone with such a huge following on Instagram, she feels better out of this 21st Century trap.

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Amanda Round the Globe: the 21st Century Globetrotter

Amanda, aka “Amanda Round the Globe“, felt that her everyday routine was not enough to fulfill all her desires and that is why this girl from Northern California (USA) decided to quit her 9 to 5 job, left her country and start living out of a backpack, finding a more meaningful life. While she keeps her website up to date, has written an e-book about “How To Travel The World”.