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Amanda Round the Globe: the 21st Century Globetrotter

Amanda, aka “Amanda Round the Globe“, felt that her everyday routine was not enough to fulfill all her desires and that is why this girl from Northern California (USA) decided to quit her 9 to 5 job, left her country and start living out of a backpack, finding a more meaningful life. While she keeps her website up to date, has written an e-book about “How To Travel The World”.


· How did you discover Minimalism?
I first found minimalism from a TedxTalk that The Minimalists did. Being a minimalist keeps my surroundings less cluttered, and it helps keep my life simple and easy.

· When did you realize that you were a shopaholic?
I didn’t realize that I had a shopping problem until I started the switch to a minimalist lifestyle. I eliminated all bills around my car (I sold it), and my cell phone plan.

· What has been the more difficult part of changing your mind-set from being a Shopaholic to Minimalist?
It was hard at first to avoid buying things that I didn’t need. Now I go into the store knowing EXACTLY what I need and purchasing only that.
I did the 40 bags in 40 days challenge, which helped me declutter most of my belongings.

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· For someone living in the western-culture-countries,
Which are the points of Minimalism that clicked in your mind in order to make the change?
Living minimally was attractive to me because it meant that I could manage my time better. Spending less time taking care of things (like washing a car, cleaning up clutter, etc) and more time doing things I love (hiking, spending quality time with family and friends) sounded very good to me.

· Which are the benefits of living a Minimalist life?
The major benefits I’ve noticed are: I have more time, it’s easier to manage my finances, and I have less stress.

· Nowadays, which is your relationship with money?
I prioritize what I spend money on. I no longer work in a traditional 9-5 job, so the way I make money can be sporadic. I save as much as possible and then go long periods of time living and traveling off my savings.

· How have changed the way you wear and buy clothes?
I have become much more environmentally conscious since becoming minimalist. I’ve switched to buying my clothes primarily from second hand stores – but I still go in knowing exactly what I’m looking for and buy only that.
I now live out of a backpack, which means that I have a very small wardrobe, but I make sure that everything goes together and I love every piece of clothing that I own.

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· Are there any books, talks or documentaries that you would recommend to someone who wants to get inspired to live a Minimalist life?
I would highly recommend the Ted talk by The Minimalists; they also just released a documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism”. For books, check out Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.



· How much time and work did it cost you to freeing yourself from your 9 to 5, and going to travel the world?
I’m pretty impatient, so I decided 5 months before I left that I wanted to quit my job and travel the world. As soon as I made that decision, I started saving about 80% of each pay check. I was able to save this amount from moving back in with my parents and cutting down a lot of my bills (I have a few videos detailing the specifics).

· Which are the next destinations that you want to visit?
I’ve been to 24 countries so far.
I have just went back to the United States, (and got back from Indonesia and Malaysia), but I have a few countries I would like to visit by the end of this year, including Fiji, Papa New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Russia and Portugal.

· Which have been your best experience while traveling?
Seeing things in real life like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the canals in Amsterdam, wild monkeys in Costa Rica, learning salsa dancing in Colombia, eating pad thai at street markets in Thailand, making friends around the world and learning bits of new languages have been a few of my favorite things.

· Does Youtube help you with your traveling?
I started making Youtube videos to show how a travel based lifestyle is possible with minimalism. I have met a few friends through Youtube which has been amazing. I also get inspired by watching other travel vloggers and minimalists on YouTube.

· How do you enjoy doing Youtube videos while living your dream of traveling all around the globe?
Youtube has made such an impact on my life; it makes me feel so happy to get messages from people telling me that I’ve inspired them to travel more or live a more minimalist lifestyle. I believe that travel and minimalism can change a life so much for the better and it makes me so happy to see that I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life.



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