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Victoria Underwood: a survivor, a warrior

Victoria Underwood is a teenager girl with the courage and perseverance to carry on with life, even when things are tough. She has taken the willpower to building herself up and at 16 she has managed to move out on her own, the first step in order to change her whole life into her dream one.

Victoria is a strong, wise woman, who inspires us through her main Youtube channel, Vlog channel and Blog, by sharing tips on how to find and love ourselves and how to overcome tough days/times, while giving make-up and lifestyle advice.


Why did you decided to start a Youtube channel?

I have always been quite a creative person. I decided to start after I watched a lot of youtubers and thought that was super-cool, and I wanted to be involved with this community.


Do you love doing beauty videos more or vlogs?

I enjoy doing lifestyle videos and vlogs, but my favourite videos are lookbooks! I love filming, editing and making the thumbnail for them! I love how creative and expressive these are, and the way they always turn out.

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 Do you enjoy more your vlog channel, or your main channel?

I enjoy my main channel a lot more! Specially because of the content…
I also enjoy my vlog channel, but at the same time showing my day-to-day life, a lot of people feel that they have the right of putting their opinion into everything that I do…


Which are the good and bad parts of being on Youtube?

The good part is my viewers! I love my viewers so, so much! I wish I could meet and hug every one of them! They are all just so nice and sweet!

The bad part of being on Youtube is the fact that people think they can dictate your life because you are putting yourself out there. In a way I understand it, but nobody deserves have their life ripped apart…


How did you started working with your manager?

He is a family friend and I think that my channel would have not progressed so much if I did not have that help! Before he became my manager, I used to film videos in my room and on the streets, and he really liked what I was doing.

My family never helped me out filming and he was always there. He said: “I can see there is something here… I can see you going places… I really wanna help you and invest in this!”. And we tried it!

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Has Youtube brought you the best/happiest moments in life?

I definitely think so! So many things in my life happened because of Youtube and I am so eternally grateful! I just recently went to New York and that was the best week in my life that has ever happened!


What is the most important lesson that you have learned since being on Youtube?

Definitely to not just give a f*ck about what anyone has to say about you!
My life is my life and that is never gonna change! I am never gonna let people dictate me, or let someone else’s opinion of me bring me down!

People love commenting hate on my videos, because they think that is gonna somehow affect me but I am the type of person: “I do not know you, I do not care about your opinion!”.



How do you manage to earn enough money to maintain yourself, and two dogs, at 16?

Hard-work on Youtube! I worked for 2 years not earning a penny just doing it, even though I would do Youtube if I didn’t earn a single penny because I love it so much!

When I got about 30,000 subscribers I started earning a decent amount of money of it. Not enough to sustain myself but I was getting there! When I started having companies contacting me, I just progressed from there.
Now I can financially support myself, afford clothes, make-up, food, pay for stuff that my dog needs… I honestly wouldn’t be here without Youtube!

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How are you so mature at such a young age?

I do think that is because I have achieved more at 16 than 25 years old have. I have achieved more in my life than my mom has, and she is 34!
That is not putting anyone down! I am just saying that people’s life move at different paces and people mature at different ages, and that is completely fine. I have always been very grown-up!

I haven’t hard the best start in life when I was a child. I come from a pretty messed up family situation. My dad left before I was born, my mom was a single-mom and her boyfriends have never been the bests guys…


What advice would you give to someone who may have failed the GCSE?

Honestly it is a letter on a piece of paper! I have never been asked for my GCSE results, ever. And at job interviews they do not even look at them, so not worry about it!


What parts of the British Education System do you think that need to improve?

Literally, almost all of it!
In school I was called “pathetic” by teachers for having a panic attack. I was threatened by my school. I was bullied by teachers, and literally degraded by members of staff.
I know that not all schools are like this, but mine was honestly ridiculous! I was sexually assaulted at school and nothing happened about it. For so long my mom wrote letters to the school and they were ignored…

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Do you think that schools should focus more on caring more, and teaching tips and information about mental health and body image?

I know that so many people say that young girls are so easily manipulated and I do not honestly get it. It may be because I have always been such a strong-minded person but I do not let what other people look like, or opinions, affect me!

 I think that young girls, and boys too, should be taught about how to be strong-minded and not care about other people’s opinions! Teach them to be head-strong! Teach them to be themselves! You are you, you are a different person that all those under the spotlight! Why would you care to look like them?


Why do you think that so many teenagers have with mental health issues?

I think it is a mix of so many things. These are the years when you do progressing from a child to a young-adult and that is a very difficult transition.

It wasn’t either for me. I have never had an easy life. I have always had to support myself. But from the age of fourteen I was pretty much financially stable, and I remember thinking to myself: “Oh my God, I am becoming an adult so much earlier than my friends!”. And that made it hard for me to talk to people my age because they had such a different mind-set to me.


What advice would you tell to a sexual assault survivor?

When I was 11 years old, it was the most horrific thing has ever happened to me in my life, and honestly if that has ever happened to anyone reading this:

I am so sorry, I know what you are going through, I know how horrible it is, and I swear to you it will get easier. It is not going to be a fast process. For me it has been almost 6 years and it still affects me on almost a daily basis (almost two to three times a week). It is not enjoyable. Nothing I would wish on my enemy.

But I promise you it will get easier. This has made you a stronger person. I promise you, you are such a stronger person now. You are so much stronger that you even know. And I swear to you, you are an amazing person, it is going to be OK.