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Chloé Kian: the steps of a Conscious Living

Chloé Kian chose her media to share her healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to get in the path of Minimalism, Veganism, Ethical Fashion and sustainable living, all while living with a very active and cherish mindset.
After almost 5 years of traveling between Switzerland (her hometown) and Berlin (where she studied videography and cinema), she is ready to settle down and start taking her career to a whole new level through her values and principles.


· How did you discovered minimalism? How did your journey begin?

I first got introduced to minimalism in June 2015, when I went on a 3 week trip with a 5L backpack only. It really opened my eyes on what I really need and what is simply comfort.

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· Do you think that now you are more conscious about the decisions you make and your buying choices?

Definitely. I switched to sustainable fashion / second hand fashion instead of fast fashion since 2014. When I want something, I ask myself if I really need it and always wait before purchasing. I also make sure to get rid of more things than the number of things I add into my life to overall reduce my possessions overtime. My relationship with material possessions has changed tremendously as well. I am not longer attached to material belongings and have learnt to let go of the emotional attachment I previously had.


· Do you think there is a correlation between being minimalist and essentialist? To which other aspects of your life have you applied minimalism?

My relationships and my digital space.

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· What do you think about the Kon Marie method? Is it part of minimalism or just a trend?

I think KonMarie method is a great method to help people declutter and let go of emotional attachment they have regarding their possessions. However, Marie Kondo does not mention any sustainable alternatives to get rid of things and clothing especially. Throwing clothes in the trash results in clothing being deported onto landfills. I believe that there are more sustainable and conscious alternatives to get rid of garments, such as selling them, donating to friends and family or upcycling.


· What are your opinions on fast-fashion?

In my opinion, the fast fashion industry cares about making profit more than it cares about its impact on the environment, the treatment of its garment workers, as well as the quality of the products delivered. I believe that they are now in 2019 so many more conscious ways and alternatives to fast fashion to get dressed and have a positive impact.

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· Did ‘The Minimalists’ impact your life and how?

Yes definitely. I did watch the documentary probably a year after being introduced to this concept and I loved it. Somehow it was a great reminder and gave me an extra boost of motivation to keep moving towards this direction. Still to this day I do not consider myself a minimalist regarding to the amount of possessions I still own. However, I feel like my mindset towards things has changed so much that I believe I have “acquired a minimalist mind”.


· What are some good documentaries that you would recommend to someone who does want to change their lifestyle? 

Fashion Industry I highly recommend the documentary called The True Cost. For the food industry and sustainability I loved Cowspiracy, Dominions, What the Health and Tomorrow. The documentary Minimalism and the Netflix series about Marie Kondo are great too.

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· What is your life motto?

Be the change you want to see.


· What is the biggest lesson you have learned from travelling abroad?

You are where you are supposed to be right now.



· When and how did you start doing so much sport?

I was always active since I was a kid. I grew up in a very active family so I can definitely thank my parents for this. I started skiing at 2 years old, as soon as I could walk. I did 7 years of horse riding and rock climbing. Then I got into running and triathlon when I was 15 which I still train for nowadays. I finally got into yoga 5 years ago and find it’s a great complement to my endurance training.


· What are the benefits you have experienced from yoga and meditation?

Yoga and meditation have had a tremendous positive impact on my mood and temper. I am someone who used to be very impulsive and irritable. I was suffering from mood swings and depression in my teenage years. Yoga and meditation along with other practices have made me a much more positive and kind person, not only to others, but to myself as well.

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· Do you plan to take your sports-path to a more professional level? (Pilates/Yoga instructor, triathlon participant with sponsorships?)

I have recently taken a break from triathlon and have always trained and competed for fun. I really enjoy it not being a pressure and simply an activity for me to practice self-discipline and take care of my physical and mental health. I have no plans on becoming professional triathlete, but who knows what the future has for me.

Regarding yoga, I’d love to go to Yoga Teacher Training to be able to teach around my area and even friends and family. Meditation and yoga have changed my life and I’d love to transmit this positive energy I feel when I practice to others as well. So yes, this is definitely on my list.



· What would be your dream job (besides Youtube)?

I’d love to be teaching yoga and even do some type of coaching for self-love and self-discipline. Also, I would love to create my own sustainable fashion company.

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· Why and how did you decided to start your Youtube career (talking about all the channels that you own).

When I became raw vegan in 2013 there was so little information about veganism and raw veganism online. As soon as I had lived my own experience I wanted to share it for the people who were interested in this lifestyle because this was something I wish there was more of when I first started. Also, it was already for a while that friends of mine told me I should start YouTube and eventually I gave in while I was in Tahiti in 2015.

I really wanted to document my time there and have some videos as memories for when I’d come back. My French channel came later and it was a request from my French speaking audience. Even though it’s a lot less natural for me to speak in French on camera, I really do enjoy having two communities.

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· What is your point of view of the Youtube community (in general)?

I personally don’t follow a lot of  YouTubers and the ones I follow are within my niche usually. From my experience, I love the community I have grown through my channels. The interaction is great and the people are extremely nice and supportive.


· Do you think that the European Youtubers are the ones that have it harder to grow on the community and stand out? 

I don’t think it is easier or harder for anyone. In my opinion, hard work and consistency are the only things that pay off, no matter where you’re from.

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· Which Youtube channels do inspire you?

I love WildWeRoam, Jenny Mustard, Elena Taber and Nathaniel Drew.


· Do you think that being a Youtuber influenced your college decision? Or that your college decision has made you more motivated to keep going with your Youtube career?

Yes, it definitely influenced my decision, in a positive way. If I hadn’t started YouTube I would have, maybe, never discovered my passion for filmmaking. My college program taught me a lot of technical skills as well as what parts of filmmaking I am interested in and which ones I am less. It has only confirmed and encouraged me in my passion and drive for creating YouTube content.


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