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Madeleine Drury aka DreamOnMaddie

Madeleine Drury, the British Youtube Star behind the DreamOnMaddie Channel, who has grown in front of a camera talking to us through her Youtube channels, is now 17 years old and determined to make a change in the world.

She combines keeping her Youtube Channel full with creativity, with studying her last year of High School and applying to Universities while working at a part-time job.

Her main aim is to study Journalism, a passion that she discovered after realising that all her passions: writing, acting, presenting, knowing and gathering other peoples stories, can be covered under the umbrella of this Degree.

Getting up and close with DreamOnMaddie

You want to study Journalism, a career that can fit all your passions.
In which area of Journalism do you see yourself working at?

I am willing to branch out to any form of Journalism, but I feel that my skills are more suited for digital journalism, which is also what I see in my generation. But I am willing to go to any area of the field.

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Your Youtube Channel shows how creative your mind is, something really inspirational.
Do you think that the subjects that you take at school help you in being more creative?

Yeah, I think that my school and my creativity complement each other. The fact of being able to witness a lot more things through school makes that my creativity thrives outside of it.


Are you happy with the Education System that Britain offers?

I think that it has many flaws but I am very grateful to have an Education System that is free and accessible to me.


How do you think the Education System could improve the creativity and imagination skills of the students?

More choice is essential. It could create room for the students’ independence, setting more projects, group-plan activities and moulding that around the syllabus letting people to thrive.

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About DreamOnMaddie’s Youtube Channel

What inspired you to start a Youtube Channel?

Originally I started in the beauty community, and were my friends who told me about Youtube. Then I got into other communities like short filmmakers, vloggers, etc, and that is when I knew that was where I wanted to go into.

I realized that there is some sort of disconnection between TV and film producers, and I found that Youtube was the perfect thing for letting my voice out there.


Where do you find inspiration to film your Youtube videos?

My inspiration is knowing that there is people out there who are willing to listen to my stories.

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Being a Youtuber has helped you grow as a person?

In a lovely-way it forces you to grow as a person quicker. Being in Youtube has made me a better-respondent and responsible person, I am a lot more eager to learn, I am more sensitive to other people and to what I say.


You are really passionate about the pieces of work that you put on your Channel. Do you think there is a difference between being passionate and being a workaholic?

I think passion leads you, and if you are able to realize it from yourself you will be able to realize when you need to take a break from it. On the other side, I think that being a workaholic is different because that’s when you cannot realize what you are doing is not vital in this moment.


Which are the things that inspire you the most in life?

Things like going to the cinema and getting immersed in a world that somebody has created always inspire me. The ones that you see being successful in their careers but are always growing in paths that I want to follow, to people around me who, at the end of the day, are striving to the same goal: to exist and to be happy.

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Who are your role models?

A lot of my role models are people who are close to me, but also J.K. Rowling. Every child that has read a Harry Potter book is hard to not be inspired by her.


What inspires you from J.K. Rowling?

She has done amazing things with the money that she has earned. The work she has done with her charity “Lumos” is really admirable.


What has been the main influence of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter in your life?

The main influence I got from Harry Potter is being proud of where you are from and what you can do, even if you are from a disadvantage background.

Harry is not made to feel proud of his origins until he enters the Magic World of Hogwarts where he meets a family and becomes proud of where he comes from, embracing his new environment.

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From “DreamOnMaddie”, which video is the one that you are most proud of?

Definitely “Exhibit A of an Eating Disorder”. I am most proud of it from a filmmaking perspective. I was able to put out my thoughts in a different way from the one when you are telling it from the voice. I think it is a quite accurate representation of my tail with an eating disorder.


Would you say that an eating disorder is more than just a health issue?

Someone in a podcast described an eating disorder as “having a mental disorder first, and the loosing weight effect of it is a side-effect”. I couldn’t agree more with it.

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What would you want to address to the people who are going through an eating disorder or a mental health issue?

I would tell them to remember that your mind is always yours, your disorder does not control your brain. You should question if the situation is sustainable, and if it is going to make you happy instead of accepting the way you were.