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Kaylee Kapital: Born to be Brave

Kaylee Kapital is not your average youtuber. Her channel is a personal scape to all her thoughts, ideas and points of view without a filter, which is the best thing you can find online. She has been in the Youtube community (consistently) for about three years, and her videos are like watching your best girl friend, or bigger sister, giving advice to you.


· What or who brought you to start a Youtube Channel?

I just uploaded random videos at first, I’m still mostly uploading random videos I feel like making.

· What inspires you to film a video?

Usually I just come up with an idea of what I want to do and then do it right away.

· How would you describe your Youtube Channel?

It is a reflection of myself.

· What is the best lesson you have learned from exposing your life on the media?

To be careful with how you say things, and to stand by what you make.

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· Do you think that doing Youtube have helped in coping with your anxiety?

It definitely helps when it comes to public speaking ability. 🙂

· Has Youtube made you braver in order to confront life struggles or opening yourself up to others?

I’d say so, it has helped me care less what others think.



· Why do you think that people are so afraid of aging?

There are many reasons, but if I were to name a few it would have to be: fear of death, fear of being taken less seriously, fear of being unattractive.

· Do you think that a Youtuber showing their plastic surgery results, pressures people more than when we see a “traditional celebrity” having an anti-aging treatment?

Yes because we see youtubers as “real” like we do reality tv stars. It also shows that people of all classes can get surgery if they save up, which makes people relatable.

· Are people changing their appearance due to a pear-pressure from the Instagram community?

I’d say there are, lip injections are common now as well as other fillers.

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· Is Social Media making people sad/depressed?

Only if you let it! Take stock of how you feel about it and make corrections as you go.

· You started working when you were really young. Any tips on how to be mindful of the money that you earn and how to spend it wisely?

Sometimes people don’t have enough to save. So there’s that. But if you are wasting money look at what you’re spending it on and put it away instead.

· You work hard in order to not have any student/college loans. Any tips on how to achieve this or how to manage time in order to make money to live out of debt?

Waiting tables is a good option because you make the most for the least amount of time. Any kind of job like this will allow you time to study and go to class. 😀