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Jennifer Maxwell aka Luna_Dollx

Jennifer moved from Boston to New York for college and stayed in the city because there are a lot of bigger and better opportunities to work. What preached Frank Sinatra on “New York, New York” turned true to her, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’.

Her Youtube channel, and her Instagram and Snapchat feeds are the aesthetic of a true “Tumblr girl”. Her minimalist-chic style and her optimistic good vibes all around, turn her into the excellent girl-next-door we are all in need of.


· How was that you started working at only 14 years old?

I learned from a really young age that you can make a lot more money working for individual people rather than working for companies. Knowing that, helped me earn money for when I moved to New York City.


· How was moving to New York by yourself?

I do not do very well in new places; I get crazy anxiety when I travel to new places by myself. I was a wreck during the first year of College

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· Does your Youtube income help with your savings?

Yes, it does! But I do refuse to sign with any management companies.
If I would do anything I would join an individual manager, not a network, just so he could look out for opportunities.


· Any tips on saving money?

First of all, the biggest tip is DO NOT WORK FOR COMPANIES! As for saving money, you have to make yourself as an opportunistic person.


· Do you budget your income every month?

No, I have never done that, but I am also not a high-spender.
There are things I am willing to spend my money on, and there are things I am not willing to spend a lot of money on.


· How do you manage to have little or not clutter in your apartment?

Every time I go shopping I get rid of everything I would not be wearing anymore.
I am someone who does not cares about having really high-quality clothing, so what I do is I buy more cheaply made clothes, so in a few months I can give them away to friends or the goodwill.

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· Do you consider yourself a minimalist?

I think it also comes down to the aesthetic of it!
I remember always being on Tumblr and look at people’s rooms, so clean, black and white, and neutral colours. I knew that when I got my first apartment that is how I wanted it to be.




· Since you moved to New York, what is the best lesson that you have learned?

When you first move to New York you become very on-edge, and you are always looking to be defensive over everything, people are so cutthroat.

It doesn’t do any good to be an on-edge guarded person, it does a lot better to give people the benefit of the doubt and be trust-worthy. You can be optimistic over other people; you do not have to be pessimistic and guarded.


· Do you think that people in New York are so judgemental?

In NY people are always trying to get over the next person because everybody else surround them are doing the same thing.

But if you take a step back and you look at people, you realize you do not have to be like that, you do not have to compete with everyone around you as a life-style.


· What do you do to overcome loneliness?

I do live alone and I love it! I have always done whatever I could to live alone, but sometimes I do get lonely. For me the best thing to do to not feel as lonely is having familiar voices around.

For me it is so comforting something as simple as watching Youtube videos with youtubers who I have been watching for years, it makes me feel less lonely. Or even calling my mom or dad! I have a really good friend who lives in New York and kinda near me, so I go out with her often.

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· What is your best advice for someone who is afraid to cut ties with toxic people?

You really have to do things for yourself! You have to tell yourself: “I am to good as a person to have this negativity around me!”

Years ago I wish I had the courage/self-esteem to look at my life and tell me “I am too good for this”.


· How has been your life-journey until you established yourself in New York?

I am a very impulsive but also kind of very laid-back. When I was younger and everyone else was applying to many colleges, I did only applied to one.

You have to do what you feel is the best for you in that moment. It all comes down to your mind-set.


· How is your opinion of your Youtube Channel so far?

I think I have grow in such a fairly way quickly. I am happy with the quality of the people that are here. I do not try to gain followers by doing the “popular” videos. I am just trying to find people who like me for who I am and who are similar to me.

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· Why do you think there is a lot of drama in the Youtube community?

Youtube is such a new thing and everything comes down as a vicious cycle. You do not recognize that these people are real, so you gossip about them as a form of entertainment.

We have to realize that they are real people who put themselves on the Internet but that does not mean we can say whatever we want to them behind an anonymous name…

· Why do you think people bully others?

People like to be liked by other people and seek attention. I think there is difference between teasing someone and joking around, than to the point of treating others to the limit of deciding to kill themselves.

When people leave mean comments on my Youtube videos I do not respond to them because that is like feeding the troll.