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Maja Milocanovich: Art and Fashion with a Purpose

Maja Milocanovich is from Croatia, an island that supplies her with a daily doses of inspiration for her art. But she not only loves her paintings and writings, she has a great sense for fashion.
Running her social media outlets helps her with some new collaborations and sales, but it is not her main objective. Even though it is unusual for someone with such a huge following on Instagram, she feels better out of this 21st Century trap.


· When did you realized that you could use your Instagram account as a professional platform?
I didn’t really, I just started this account as my “personal” one, but since I love photography so much and am very creative in general, it was never just plain, basic photos. I always shared a lot from all different things I do and people seemed to liked my instagram in general.

After a while, I had people and brands approach me and suggest collabs, projects or to send me their products. It kind of started happening all at once so I just embraced it and since then it’s been something that could get me some income too. But it still to me is just my own thing and I haven’t yet started to see it as a professional platform.


· Is it common, where you live, to have a career out of a social media platform?
Not at all. People in my city still really mock it even, and there are just a few girls who are “doing instagram”, and trying at this internet thing.
In general, Croatia hasn’t advanced that much when it comes to bloggers and social media, so to get an actual career is a real struggle, and only possible for a few people so far… But it’s slowly progressing.


· What do you enjoy most, your Instagram or your Youtube channel?
Definitely Youtube. I love, love, photography (and sharing it) which is what keeps me on insta, but I am not in general a fan of it that much anymore.
With youtube, I feel like I can really express myself more, it’s different when what you wanna show has movement, and a sound, and music… And being able to have a lot more conversations with the people who are following me…
It’s just a lot more personal and special to me!

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· Do you think that Social Media helps you to be more creative?
Not at all. I (pretty) often have times when I will disconnect completely, especially from Instagram, because I feel overwhelmed and stuck.
I feel like the more content I consume, the less creative I am.
So I usually just unplug when I feel it’s most needed and it’s when I’m “isolated” and in my solitute that I’m most creative and thriving the most.
· Do you have plans on the long-run for your platforms, or you just wanna see where they take you?
Not really. I still don’t look at it as my job. It helps me get work and projects which is fun, but I don’t have any plans to change it or have a strategy…
Just continuing as it is, and hopefully it brings me more opportunities.


· What has been the greatest opportunity you have had thanks to your Youtube/IG?
So many cool things, really! I got a shoe scholarship and got soooo many shoes over the past year, each month. I collabed with Kiehl’s for a fun art event, I did shoots with so many Croatian designers, was in magazines; both in print and online.
Just a bunch of stuff I love to do and have already been doing, but with a lot more people and opportunities. And a lot of it still in the works. 🙂

· And the greatest lesson you have learned from sharing part of yourself online?
Don’t do it! Regardless of some bad experiences, just sharing with people has been so rewarding, to connect with so many and get so much support and love.
The connection with other people is always the best reward in the end! Sometimes I feel like quitting it all and then I get a message from a girl who suffers from depression and anxiety, saying that she couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days.
And then she watched my video and got inspired to get up, be productive, paint, take a walk, clean her room…
And just, to think of the fact that you can impact someone’s life, even if it’s just for a day, and even if it’s just one person – it’s the greatest reward of all.


· Do you think that Social Media influencers have changed the basis of Marketing and Communications?
Oh definitely! I’ve been watching bloggers like Aimee of Song of style ever since she had around 700 followers…

Social Media completely changed the game. The power is in the “real, ordinary” people now, and it’s amazing to watch, even just from a far. It took a while for brands to catch up and start using them as the best ad possible, but here we are now.

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· How would you describe your YT and IG?
I’ve always been a lifestyle blogger first and foremost. And I have a lot of passions, so it is a little bit of everything.
Overall, whatever I do, whether it’s showing my art, my newest rearrangment of my room, my latest outfit or breakfast – I try to make people slow down and notice – and then also enjoy the little things. That’s my guide in general.I want to inspire people to see more beauty and to enjoy themselves and love themselves. So I would describe it as that PLUS, a lot of dogs and coffee’s – which are kind of the best things that exist.


· Where do you want your Social Media’s take you?
It would be nice to travel a bit for free, haha!
I have so many projects I wanna work on, in different fields, when it comes to art and writing and fashion and videos. So I just hope my audience continues to grow, because it does make a difference when there’s someone on the other side engaging with you and giving you the opportunity to show what you got.
It also sells more of my art! To have a bit more financial freedom and just the freedom to be able to create and work for myself in the future is what is my goal right now, and everything else that comes with it – I welcome it. 🙂



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