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Margot Lee: a ray of sun from the Girl-Next-Door

Margot Lee is one of those self-made-women who are going to be the next big-thing on the Youtube community (as well as in the Fashion Industry). Learned from a young age that if you want something, material or a goal, you have to work hard for it.

Her wisdom and good-vibes of joy are all around her Youtube channel, Snapchat and Instagram feed. Check this golden youth who is totally the girl-next-door!


· You started working from a young age. What were your first job/jobs? 

I started babysitting when I was around 13. I started as a “mothers helper” and then moved on to staying with the kids alone. I think it’s a great way for people to start making their own money at a pretty young age!


· What made you start working from such a young age?

My parents have always encouraged my brothers and I to save our money and spend our own earnings if there is something we really wanted. So if I wanted a new bedcover or a pair of shoes, the money would usually be coming from my own bank account.
It was frustrating when my friends were handed money to buy whatever they wanted but now I understand how much it helped me to learn the importance of the dollar and what it really meant to know your money.

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· Does earning your own money made you more wise about it?

100%!  When you have your own money and that’s what you are spending, you’re forced to think about what is really worth it when you’re buying things.
Earning my own money made me never take advantage of when I was given money, either. I understand the value of it and have learned so much about what it means to be a smart spender.


· Could you tell me some tips and tricks on how to earn money, saving money, and budgeting your monthly income? 

Best advice I could ever give someone is to have their own bank account and know their money!
Without knowing how much money you own and a place to physically put it away, it’s easy to keep spending what’s right in front of you.

Also, having a debit or credit card is nice but I don’t think someone should own one until they are really comfortable with the amount of money they have and they already understand how to save up and spend.
I’ve seen some people blow through money right when they get a card and don’t realize how quickly things add up!


· How do you stay so positive? (or at least that’s what it looks like)

I am positive! That’s one of my favourite things about my personality! The best thing to do is surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals who encourage your own happiness.

The most important thing is that positivity comes from WITHIN. It seems cliché, but there is only so much that material items can do to make you a happier person.

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· How do you stay so focused in the moment?

I’m glad it looks that way, but it’s easy for me to get distracted and get caught up in the past or present.
Once I realize I’m getting caught up, I remind myself that there is nothing I can do to control that in the moment I’m in. The only way to prepare for the future is being your best self now.


· Do you meditate?

I wouldn’t call it “meditating” but I try to take a few moments out of the day either before or after my classes and meetings to sit alone without my phone to think and relax.


· Do you live a completely Vegan life? 

I eat 100% vegan and try to incorporate as many vegan lifestyle choices (beauty products, shopping) into my routine as possible. I think everyone should do as much as they can whether is eating plant based a few times a week or buying vegan products, anything helps!


· What made you start a Vegan lifestyle?

I was in an AP Environmental class that started opening my eyes to the hazard that our Earth is in, and later did my own extensive research on veganism after watching the life-changing documentary “Cowspiracy”. I probably spent around 5 months doing research on veganism and decided to completely change my lifestyle on Earth Day of 2015.


· How do manage to keep being vegan while at College? Is it hard?

It’s pretty easy! Being vegan in college is very doable.




· How is your life in Campus?

Incredible!! Syracuse is the best.

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· When you first moved in, did you know any of your room-mates?

Nope! I did random.


· Did they know that you do Youtube? 

They didn’t. We are friendly but don’t really hang out so I’m still not sure if they know about my channel!


· What made you decide to start a Youtube Channel?

I loved watching YouTube and creating my own videos, so it made sense to me to create a channel just for fun.

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· You did a video addressed to your high-school classmates. Were you bullied because of doing Youtube?

Luckily, I was never bullied. People were definitely confused by it because at the time I was the only person in my school making videos like that but I kept my head up and it got me so far!

If you’re really passionate about something, it is definitely worth it to keep working at your goals and dismiss anyone who may question your path.


· What is the best and the worst part of being a Youtuber?

Worst: it’s a lot of work! Especially making original content, sometimes it can take multiple people so rallying together a team to help can sometimes be an issue.

Best: I have an incredible platform with even more incredible people who support me! It’s amazing to be able to have a voice heard by so many, especially when you can use it to make a positive difference.


· What have you learned from your years of work on Youtube?

The more work I put into something, the more I will get out. That goes for a lot of things in life!

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· Are you pursuing your dream of modeling?

Right now I’m focusing on YouTube and my school career so I am putting modelling to the side. I’m definitely interested in picking it back up again and signing somewhere but right now isn’t the right timing for me.


· How do you wanna focus your modeling career? Do you wanna do runway, photo-shoots or editorials?

I haven’t really been engulfed in that world but when I worked with a magazine I absolutely loved it! I think if I were to go into that world I would be happy to work wherever there are creative people around me.


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