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Melissa Alexandria: freedom comes from within

Melissa Alexandria is a Canadian who has built her Youtube Channel around tips for a Healthy and Happy Life, and How to Make the Most out of Life. She started her path into a Minimalist lifestyle by saving lots of money in order to set herself ready to leave the boring and unfulfilling 9 to 5 job she had. With the savings of 30,000$, which took her almost two years, Melissa left her conventional job and started living her dream life.

Her Instagram and Youtube Channel are the perfect place to find motivation to make the most of your everyday: having healthy eating habits, learning the benefits of Minimalism.


What was the main thing that moved you to quit your job?

I was inspired to quit my 9-5 job at a travel agency in order to pursue a more flexible, creative career online. I didn’t know exactly what it was going to be at the time, but I knew I was going to find out.


How has changed your everyday life the fact of not having to go to a 9 to 5 job?

It means I can arrange my day so that I work when I feel most productive and I can make time for being outdoors and with friends and family as well. Work and life are more blended into one because I enjoy what I do so much.

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How much courage did it take you to leave a comfort position, with your day-to-day conventional job, and following a new way of life with your Youtube Channel?

It didn’t take as much courage as you would think because I prepared for it for 2 years by saving money so I could pay my expenses while figuring out what I wanted to pursue.


When did you realize that your job did not fulfill and wasn’t making you happy?

 I think I’ve always known I wanted to do something for myself. Working for a big corporation taught me a lot and I’m grateful for the knowledge that I now have because of my experience there.


How did you found Minimalism?

I found it online! Tiny houses were my first introduction to minimalism. I found them fascinating and it seemed like they provided people with so much freedom.

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Why did you become a Minimalist?

Initially because I saw how much money people were saving when they moved into a tiny house and I wanted to save money so that I could quit my job. I knew that would take a lot longer if I was buying a lot of things. I later realized that there were many other benefits.


Which are the main basis of Minimalism?

I think there are many definitions and it means different things to different people. For me Minimalism is about keeping the things that really bring joy to your life and letting go of the things that have accumulated in your life but don’t really serve a purpose anymore. It’s about making decisions about what matters to you and being specific about that.


Which were the firsts steps that you took into transforming your life to a Minimalist one?

Clothing was a big one. I had so much clothing that I had never worn. Things that I had purchased that still have the tags on a year later.


How does Minimalism help people in saving money? What has been your experience with that?

It has changed the way I look at shopping. I would rather pay more for something I know I will get a lot of use out of and be really love rather than buying 10 items that are on sale and I don’t really love as much. Quality is definitely something I look for now.

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Do you think that Minimalism could help people with anxiety, depression and/or stress?

Yes, especially the clearing out of clutter. It’s very therapeutic.


Do you see Minimalism as a new trend that will pass, or it will stay in our society over the years as a way of live?

 I think it will stay but will transform as our society changes.




Why do you think that society builds us up to believe that self-love is selfish?

I think it lies in the confusion of the word self-love with self-obsessed. Self-love is essential to our wellbeing and to our relationships with everyone else in our lives. When we truly value and love who we are, our lives are truly enriched.


Why do you think that we are so critical with ourselves?

Many reasons. As children we watch what the other adults are doing and think that that is normal behaviour.


Do you think that meditation, having a capsule wardrobe and being vegan, come side-to-side with the path of becoming a Minimalist?

Yes, they are all connected. They all relate to wellbeing and happiness in some way.


What moves you to accomplish more and achieve your goals everyday?

I really love the feedback I get from the people who watch my Youtube videos. When someone tells me that something I shared with them has affected their life in a positive way, that really inspires me to continue to share more.

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What is your main passion in life?

Helping people to love themselves and experience more joy in life.


What made you start making videos of Minimalism and Ways of Making the Most of Life?

I just did it. I didn’t really plan to do it or overthink it. I just started filming one day and I got good responses right away and then I made another video and another.


Do you see yourself as a “personal Life coaching”?

I don’t use the word coach… but I like to inspire others, yes.


What are your next plans in life? Do you want to go further with your Youtube Channel?

Continue with Youtube and that leads to so many other opportunities because I am connected with the World.


Would you like to write a book?

Yes! Maybe about self-help or an autobiography where I could reflect on what I’ve learned in life…