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Margot Lee: a ray of sun from the Girl-Next-Door

Margot Lee is one of those self-made-women who are going to be the next big-thing on the Youtube community (as well as in the Fashion Industry). Learned from a young age that if you want something, material or a goal, you have to work hard for it.

Her wisdom and good-vibes of joy are all around her Youtube channel, Snapchat and Instagram feed. Check this golden youth who is totally the girl-next-door!

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Jennifer Maxwell aka Luna_Dollx

Jennifer moved from Boston to New York for college and stayed in the city because there are a lot of bigger and better opportunities to work. What preached Frank Sinatra on “New York, New York” turned true to her, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’.

Her Youtube channel, and her Instagram and Snapchat feeds are the aesthetic of a true “Tumblr girl”. Her minimalist-chic style and her optimistic good vibes all around, turn her into the excellent girl-next-door we are all in need of.

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Victoria Underwood: a survivor, a warrior

Victoria Underwood is a teenager girl with the courage and perseverance to carry on with life, even when things are tough. She has taken the willpower to building herself up and at 16 she has managed to move out on her own, the first step in order to change her whole life into her dream one.

Victoria is a strong, wise woman, who inspires us through her main Youtube channel, Vlog channel and Blog, by sharing tips on how to find and love ourselves and how to overcome tough days/times, while giving make-up and lifestyle advice.

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Melissa Alexandria: freedom comes from within

Melissa Alexandria is a Canadian who has built her Youtube Channel around tips for a Healthy and Happy Life, and How to Make the Most out of Life. She started her path into a Minimalist lifestyle by saving lots of money in order to set herself ready to leave the boring and unfulfilling 9 to 5 job she had. With the savings of 30,000$, which took her almost two years, Melissa left her conventional job and started living her dream life.

Her Instagram and Youtube Channel are the perfect place to find motivation to make the most of your everyday: having healthy eating habits, learning the benefits of Minimalism.

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Halle Keeth: inspiring selflove

Halle Keeth is a free-soul that shares love and life-style inspiration trough her Youtube Channel. Her personality shines like a ray of sun while she express herself through travel-diaries and OOTW. Halle’s Q&A’s are an open door to life-lesson from the word of a girl who has been through a lot at a young age. Her relationship with God is a good support on her well-being, a fact that touches you through the screen.