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Shaina Leis: life coach to find happiness

Shaina Leis has transformed her Youtube Channel and Personal Website into an outlet where she shares her passions and life-changing lessons.

This life-coach decided to make a dramatic change in her life after realizing that she was stuck in an unfulfilling, 9 to 5 job. Her journey started when she committed to the path of self-discovery- figuring out what she was meant to do in this world: self-help and coaching others.

The choice to change her own life was the inspiration to help others create the life of their dreams.

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Madeleine Drury aka DreamOnMaddie

Madeleine Drury, the British Youtube Star behind the DreamOnMaddie Channel, who has grown in front of a camera talking to us through her Youtube channels, is now 17 years old and determined to make a change in the world.

She combines keeping her Youtube Channel full with creativity, with studying her last year of High School and applying to Universities while working at a part-time job.

Her main aim is to study Journalism, a passion that she discovered after realising that all her passions: writing, acting, presenting, knowing and gathering other peoples stories, can be covered under the umbrella of this Degree.