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Tiffany Ferguson: Voice to the People

Tiffany Ferguson started her Youtube Channel nearly ten years ago, and has grow herself all through the Social Media world. It all started as an outlet for her creativity and now it has turned into the way of expressing her views on education and politics.


· What made you decide to start a Youtube Channel?

I was in fifth grade, president of my elementary school, and YouTube was brand new. I made the channel “tiffanytheprez” thinking I could possibly use it to discuss things we were doing at school, but instead made some weird videos on my parents cell phones.


· Do you have any Youtuber-role-model?

Queen Jenna Marbles! Grace Helbig! Also Haley Blais. Her videos are so inventive and unique, I literally always crack up. I’m amazed by her creativity.


· Would you want to have Youtube as your main job?

That’s the dream! Especially as a student… I spend a ton of hours doing YouTube work in addition to a “regular” job usually, so it’d be nice if I could focus solely on YouTube but still make enough money to survive.


· Do you think that Youtube has become the new window-display for consumerism?

In a lot of ways, yes! Hauls, fashion videos, even vlogs… It’s natural to show off what we’re buying. It’s unfortunate though. The glamorization of consumption… Most of us don’t think about it often enough and we don’t consider the huge impacts of our purchases.

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· Do you think that this trap of spending money that Social Media forces our society to fall into, is one of the (main) reasons why so many people are depressed?

Yes, a lot of people feel a pressure to display a certain lifestyle on social media. Anything for that good instagram pic, right?? However, material items will not make you happy and neither will followers or likes. This social media pressure can worsen existing depression as well. It’s very strange.


· Why having a certain number on a Social Media platform can define us?

Number of social media followers can provide a lot of opportunities nowadays. A lot of aspects come into play, I think it starts with ego and satisfaction, but then it can become a lot deeper than that. There’s always a target number but that number is never enough when you reach it.


· How did Youtube make you a narcissist?

Because of everything that I do with YouTube and social media, my connection with posting content is different than my friends who aren’t youtubers. I have an obligation to stay current with posting. I can’t take a break from social media!


· Do you think that being a part of the Youtube community played a part in your decision on what you wanted to study at College?

Yes! YouTube absolutely lead to my interest in videos / film! I love the process of writing, planning, producing, shooting, editing… so film was a very obvious next step / other world of creative possibilities.



· Do you see your Youtube channel more as a window to discuss politics or as your creativity-outlet?

Both! Thats why I adore my audience. For the most part, the people who watch me enjoy watching my political videos AND my sillier other types of videos. It’s very cool to be able to explore different things.


· How is studying in College abroad and in another language?

College has been great! I absolutely love to learn. My film courses are interesting and studying abroad has been an amazing experience so far. I really appreciate it all!


· Do your College-mates know that you are a Youtuber?

I think everyone in my life does! It’s completely wrapped up in everything I do. My Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram… They’re all the same, for friends or for viewers. So once a college IRL friend follows me, they see how often I’m posting about my videos and stuff – and hopefully they’re interested in watching too!

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· In your Youtube videos you have talked about the economical struggles that you and your family have had.

What life-lessons have you learned from this? 

If anything I think it taught me a lot of bad habits that I’ve had to un-teach myself. Like buying cheap things instead of being willing to pay more for quality.

When I can work full time I will definitely be budgeting carefully and making a plan to pay off my debts, especially student loans, as quickly as possible.


· Do you consider yourself a minimalist

I aspire to be more of one! I want to live a low impact life and have a tiny home, which includes having less physical possessions. I don’t think I could be a bare bones essentials only minimalist, but I do try to be very considerate of what I’m buying and whether it is necessary or not.


· What advice would you give as to how to spend money wisely?

Be a good price researcher! A lot of things can be much more expensive if you buy them at the wrong time / from the wrong place.


· What is the best and the worst part of eating a vegan diet?

I love being vegan! Love all the impacts environmentally and ethically. It can be difficult to find really good vegan food in certain places, but I’m used to it.


· What do you want your life and channel be in a year-term?

I’ll be transferring colleges which is very exciting! I would love for tiffanyferg to hit 100k.

I can never really predict where I’ll be in the future, so I just embrace it and enjoy the surprises that life throws my way.




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